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A commercial building’s roof is crucial to its structure. However, commercial roofing can be damaged by wear and tear from aging or become weaker due to various factors. Your roof is more susceptible to severe damage. It is possible to repair roof damage with minimal effort, but there comes a time when it becomes more practical than endless repairs.

Free inspection is it time to replace your commercial roof?

We do not push our clients towards a commercial roof replacement over a commercial roof repair. We inspect your existing roof and building to determine if a complete replacement is the best option. We look at all tops: flat, multi-family, flat, and single-ply membrane roofing made from TPO and PVC.
Mid Cities Roofing has a highly skilled and experienced team in the industry. We can tell the difference between easily repaired damage and when it is time to replace the roof. We look out for the following red flags:

Water Infiltration
These signs will manifest in the building as water marks, spots, and leaks. This is often a sign that your roof has suffered damage. If left untreated, it could further damage your business’s property. This can be fixed with commercial roof repairs. However, depending on the damage’s severity, it may indicate the need to replace the entire commercial roof.
Roof Membrane Damaged
Commercial roofs could be damaged by harsh weather conditions or general wear and tear. This could include lifting, curling, or cracking the roof’s membrane. This can expose the property to the elements and threaten staff and equipment.
This is something we cannot ignore. Roofs have a finite life span, and this is because roofs need to be maintained and repaired regularly. While repairs can extend the life of commercial roofing, sometimes replacements are necessary. Many other tell-tale signs may be hidden from the untrained eye. However, our team will find them. If you have a problem roof, it can quickly escalate into significant damage to your whole building. Give us a call right away!
What's the Difference Between Replacing or Repairing Your Roof
Mid Cities Roofing offers both commercial roof repair and replacement. Minor problems, such as a leak or missing shingles, are handled by commercial roofers. These tasks are straightforward but essential, and commercial roof replacement is different. We remove the existing roof and install a new one to ensure it’s safe and works well.
Affordable Commercial Roof Replacements
We can look at any roof and determine if a repair or replacement is best for you. We can help you make a decision, no matter how small or large your roof is, whether modern or old, flat or sloped, and we have all the expertise to assist you. Mid Cities Roofing is available to help you with your commercial roof replacement. We are happy to schedule an inspection or consult with you.

Beautiful Roofs that Weather the Storm.

When you choose Mid Cities Roofing, Inc., you can expect a stunning roof that both complements your building and protects it from harsh weather.

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