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You’ve likely experienced hailstorms if you live in San Antonio. Our local climate can make hail conditions difficult. Although hail can cause damage to windows and cars, many don’t realize the extent it can affect roofs. Mid-Cities Roofing has years of experience helping San Antonio residents deal with hail damage. We can help you with roofing repairs and advice to protect your home’s internal components.

Potential Problems Linked to Hail Damage

Hail damage can cause significant damage to homes, even though homeowners might not be aware of it immediately. San Antonio can sometimes experience hailstones the size of golf balls. This means that your roof will be susceptible to significant damage. We strongly recommend that you inspect your roof immediately. These are just a few of the possible problems.
Water-related issues
Hail damage to your roof is most likely caused by water. If you don’t fix hail-damaged roofs, water can quickly get into your home and cause more damage. This moisture can lead to a host of problems, including the development of dangerous molds. Your house’s internal structure can also be damaged by water. Water can cause damage to your house’s internal system by contacting specific components. These issues can be costly and more expensive than fixing the roof.
UV Damage
The components under your shingles can be damaged by UV rays if there are holes or dents in the roof. Although it may not seem like a significant problem, this can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your roof. It is essential to fix hail damage quickly if you don’t want to replace your entire roof.
Compromised Shingles
Hail can lead to shingles losing their granules, exposing the roof to the elements and accelerating its aging. Extreme hailstorms can cause cracked or complete loss of shingles, making your roof vulnerable. It is essential to have your roof repaired as soon as possible by roofing professionals to protect the homeowner.

Our Services

Mid-Cities Roofing can help you deal with hail damage issues. We provide a wide range of services related to hail damage, including:
Roof Hail Damage Inspection
It is challenging to spot roof hail damage, and having a professional inspect your roof is essential. Our team can conduct a thorough inspection if you have recently experienced hailstorms to assess any damage to your roof components.
Roof Hail Damage Repairs
We can offer professional and affordable roof repair services if damage occurs. First, we will make sure that water does not enter your home. The next step is to repair it, and we’ll ensure it’s restored to its original condition.
Looking for insurance compensation for hail damage

Insurance policies can cover hail damage if you have one. It can be challenging to prove hail caused damage to your roof. Our clients are supported throughout the insurance claim process so they can get the money they owe from their insurance company.

When you contact our team, be sure to mention that your insurance policy covers your roof.

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Hail damage to roofing components can be a severe problem, and it is essential to contact a local team of experts as soon as possible. Our success rate speaks volumes.
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